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Our family recipe dates back to the 1850’s, having been handed down from Ginny’s great-grandmother, who built and resided at Historic “O”ak View in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The Birthplace of Ginny O’s is the Oak View Estate in Raleigh, NC. This antebellum farmstead features an 1855 Greek Revival house, detached plank kitchen, cotton gin museum, and herb garden, picnic facilities, a barn, and a new 3000 square foot museum called the Farm History Center. On the 17 acre grounds remains the oldest pecan grove in the state of North Carolina.

Oak View is where we get the ‘O’ from in Ginny ‘O’s. Ginny ‘O’s Cheese Straws are homemade and hand-baked fresh to your order. Our wholesome ingredients include flour, cheddar cheese, buttery sticks, and spices.


Click here to see images of  Ginny at Oak View Estate, her wonderful cheese rings, and  Ginny’s  wonderful smile as she shares this great food with you.

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