1.  What’s the best way to CONTACT Ginny O’s Cheese Straws?


2.  Where can Ginny O’s Cheese Straws be PURCHASED?

Ginny O’s Cheese Straws are available for purchase directly from our online Store as well as from various retail merchants throughout North Carolina and the eastern seaboard.  No third party seller is authorized to sell our product online.   This policy allows us to maintain quality control of our products as well as provide the high-quality customer service that you have come to expect.

3.  What is the RETURN policy at Ginny O’s Cheese Straws? 

If you have unopened products that were damaged in transit, please contact Ginny O’s IMMEDIATELY to request replacements, which can be shipped promptly.  

4.  What is the REFUND policy at Ginny O’s Cheese Straws?

If you have unopened products that were damaged in transit, you may return them and receive a refund check promptly.
You may email a picture of the damaged products to so that we can file a claim to the respective shipping carrier.
We apologize for any issues beyond our control during shipping, and try our best to ensure Ginny O’s arrive safely at their destination.  Not only are we grateful for your order, we also appreciate your understanding when the unexpected happens.

5.  What is the CANCELLATION policy at Ginny O’s Cheese Straws?

If you wish to cancel an order for Ginny O’s Cheese Straws, you may do so BY NOTIFYING US BY EMAIL within 24 hours of placing your order to

6.  What is the OUT OF STOCK policy at Ginny O’s Cheese Straws?

If Ginny O’s Cheese Straws is out of stock on any item for a customer’s order, we may hold shipping of that order briefly to await incoming products from the bakery.  We will contact the customer for alternate instructions if our unexpected delay may cause our customer any inconvenience.

7.  What are the SHIPPING & DELIVERY policies at Ginny O’s Cheese Straws?

  • Standard shipping is USPS Priority Mail  .  All of Ginny O’s Cheese Straws’ orders usually ship from our distribution center within two to three (2-3) business days from the day of ordering.  Standard delivery within continental US usually takes three to six (3-6) business days.
    Complete street addresses are required on all shipments; we are unable to ship to PO boxes.  All orders are shipped in the order received, however, if you wish to receive your order on a specific date or date range, you must clearly state this information on your order.  Please contact Ginny O’s at with any questions.
  • Shipping to Alaska & Hawaii  – Ginny O’s USPS charges as applied in our Store reflect the  additional shipping and delivery costs to locations in these two states, which now receive items primarily via air transport.
  • International shipping – Costs vary so please email Ginny O’s for pricing.

8.  Does Ginny O’s Cheese Straws charge sales tax on orders?

Orders for products sold to North Carolina residents only are subject to North Carolina state sales tax and 7% will be added to those sales invoice.  

9.  What is the PRIVACY policy at Ginny O’s Cheese Straws?  

We believe it is vital to protect our customers’ privacy.  Ginny O’s does not rent or sell our customers’ names.  The information that is gathered from you is used to process your order and to create a more personalized and streamlined online shopping experience.

10.  What is the SECURITY policy at Ginny O’s Cheese Straws?

Our customers’ security is as important to us as their orders. Credit card information is kept strictly confidential and is sent to us using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, a process that scrambles the numbers so they are unreadable.